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Xtronix 610-9001 Current Sensor

A picture of the Current Sensor


*            Fully Isolated Sensor


*            AC, DC, Pulse, Mixed


*            50 to 600 Amps


*            Hall Effect Technology


*            0 to 5V Analogue O/P


The Xtronix Current Sensor Module is and OEM module intended to measure AC, DC, pulse or mixed currents flowing through a wire. The wire carrying the current to be measured is passed through the centre of the sensor element. Hall effect technology is used to measure the current flowing in the wire, the power losses due to the sensor are negligible.




Current Measuring Range                       150, 300,450, 600A max depending on model

AC Isolation Test Voltage                       2.5 kV 50Hz for 1 minute

Output Voltage                                      +2.5 volts delta proportional to current (2V max)

Supply Voltage                                      +5 or +10 to +30 volts depending upon model

Current from Power Supply                    + 35 mA typical

Temperature Range                                0 to +40C

Humidity                                                +5 to +80% Non Condensing

CE Marked                                            Yes Safety, EMC, ROHS and WEEE



Ordering Information                            Xtronix P/N


150 Amp Measuring with 5V Supply     610/9001-150

300 Amp Measuring with 5V Supply     610/9001-300

450 Amp Measuring with 5V Supply     610/9001-450

600 Amp Measuring with 5V Supply     610/9001-600

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