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Mains Sentry




*            Monitors Mains Power 


*            Beeps When Mains Power Fails 


*            Plugs directly into a UK Mains Socket  

The Mains Sentry is intended to alert users to a failure of the Mains Electricity supply. It can be plugged into a standard UK 13 Amp socket and will warn the user of a mains power supply failure by 'beeping'.


The unit is ideal for checking that the power supply to your fridge or freezer has not been interrupted.


The product consists of two parts, an AC to DC Power Supply and a Sensor Head. The AC Power supply is plugged into a standard UK 13 Amp 3 pin socket and supplies +5 Volts to the Sensor Head, which is plugged into the top of AC Power Supply.


The Sensor Head has an internal battery (Ultra Capacitor) that is automatically re-charged when the unit is plugged into the mains socket and the mains power switched on. The internal battery takes about 30 minutes to fully charge and will support the Sensor Head during a power failure for a period of 2 to 3 hours.


There is a green LED indicator that shows when mains power is present. During a Power failure the unit makes a beeping sound when Mains Power Fails. When the power returns, the unit continues to beep until the Reset button is pressed. Thus, the user is alerted of a power failure even if the power has returned.


 Nominal Voltage Input  230 Volts AC 50 Hz
 DC Voltage to Sensor Head + 5 Volts 0.5 Volts
 DC Current to Sensor Head  200 mA
 Sensor Connector  USB Type A
 Temperature Range  0 to +40C (ambient air temperature around the unit)
 Humidity  +5 to +80% Non Condensing
 AC Power Connector  UK 13 Amp 3 Pin Socket
 DC Power Connector  USB Type A Socket
 Internal Battery  Rechargeable Ultra Capacitor
 CE / UKCA Mark  Yes Safety, EMC, ROHS and WEEE
 Items Supplied  Mains AC Power Supply, Power Sensor, User Instruction Sheet
  Price  One Off - UK Pounds 39.99 (including shipping within the UK)
 Availability  IN STOCK - Click the 'Buy Now' button below to go to the eBay listing
 Distributors  Xtronix Ltd only sells this product via the eBay listing, we do not have any distributors from which this product can be purchased.



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